Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Power Of Fasting!

Dear Mom and Dad and my wonderful family and friends,

Thank you for the pictures and the music.  We are definitely going to use them for sure.  My companion said the chords with Come Thou Fount will be perfect. Thank you Jordan family! This week, I got to practice in our district meeting with the violin of the bishop's daughter.  On this violin all four of the strings work, and it has a full bow and a good tone.  I can't help but smile just getting to play it.

This week so many miracles happened.  I can't even count them, but on Saturday, Elder Mazariegoz and I both started a fast for Familia Ardaya.  This is the family that I got to help confirm.  They are so amazing and have so many challenges that they are fighting to overcome as new disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

One of this challenges is with money and with their step dad, Jimay, who is an alcoholic and when he is drunk he throws everyone out of the house.  Saturday we fasted and ended our fast Sunday. When we went to visit them in the night we were so happy to see that they had enough food to eat and that they were laughing and enjoying time as a family, but an even bigger miracle was that Hermano Jimay was not drunk and he was happily working outside. We invited him to join us for a lesson and he accepted.  In the lesson, he expressed his desire to change, and we testified to him of the power of the atonement and that by showing his faith by daily family and personal prayer, attending church, and reading the Book of Mormon he could overcome this debilidad.  The lesson was full of the spirit and we were even able to teach him how to pray, and he ended the lesson with a prayer.  I know that fasting works and brings miracles.

Other miracles we received from fasting was that we did an activity with the young men and the return missionaries of the ward where we taught them how to contact and for one hour they helped us contact.  It was amazing to see how they enjoyed the joy of missionary work and also had some rejection.  This activity sure helped us obtain more references, and the ward loved it.  I am so grateful for the Lord's help and that the activity could go through.
Missionary Activity With The Young Men
Also, another miracle was that we were trying to contact Christian who we talked to the night before and we knocked on a house to see if he lived there.   An 18 year joven came to the door and said he was Christian but wasn't the same Christian we met yesterday.  As we talked to him, we learned he was investigating the church in Cochabamba and has a Book of Mormon.  We then taught him a small lesson and set a new appointment for today.  Wow, I know this is the Lord's work, and I am so grateful for his guidance.  This week, Elder Maraziegoz and I worked so hard and when we did our part, Heavenly Father blessed us to find Christian.  I know Christian has been waiting for the Gospel, and I can't wait to let you know what happens this week!

I love you all so much!

Elder Matheson!
Gracie and Hope have a friend!!  This dog belongs to Hermano Rocha the 2nd counselor in the bishopric.  Also, his niece sent you a friend request on facebook mom!

I tried making those marshmallow cookies mom.  They tasted great, but only half the oven was working and I used multi-grain flour - oops - but they tasted great!


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