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July 10, 2017

Dear Mom and Dad, Family and Friends,

I am so glad you like the video. My companion is 24 years old and has about a year and a half in the mission and every time he tried to submit his papers he got injured.  He also is studying before his mission to be a lawyer and he also has a degree to teach history and has been the secretary to the Bishop and a teacher in the primary. He is one the most amazing elders with so much preparacion and many abilities.

Elder Flores is from Chile.  He is the tall one in the video and is a spiritual giant and is full of the love of Christ. He is 20 and has more than one year in the mission.  He never says anything negative and tries to be super obedient.  He right now is training Elder Torres (the shorter Elder) from Peru.  Elder Torres has about one month in the mission and is a great Elder.  Of the 4, Elder Mazariegoz and Elder Torres always are teasing each other; with them together there never is a dull moment. Sometimes in the night we can’t stop laughing because the are so funny.

I’m glad you all had a good Fourth of July,  hopefully with some chocolate satin pie. ;)

As for this week it has been full of adventures and lessons.

​Our pension -The Artiaga Family.  They have helped us so much and their food is so delicious!
Tuesday, my companion and I just finished our run when we saw the other Elders playing football with Family Artiaga nuestro pensions.  I told my companion that we should go play.  As we got to the court, I remembered a rule from president about playing football with members, but in the Artiaga family there are a lot of kids and so I thought well we are already here and I didn’t think anything would happen. As we were playing, my companion and I went to kick the ball at the same time and it turns out I hit his foot hard and injured his foot.  When we got back to the house his foot had swollen so much, and I felt so terrible.   But this week we prayed and I fasted for him and he has gotten so much better.  Right now he is using crutches to proselyte, but I sure learned the importance that we must be obedient to all the mission rules especially the small ones.  Please keep my companion in your prayers this week.  I think this next week he should be better.  But we have had a lot of help from the ward members and sometimes in the afternoons we leave my companion in the house of a member and I go to proselyte with another member and in the evening we both leave to teach together.  If you ever get the chance, some of the best ways to help the missionaries is to go visit with them or do divisions with them.  The power of the ward members and their testimonies is priceless to help new people accept the gospel.
​In a movie night we had for the ward my companion borrowed a wheelchair and sure had fun!

During our district meeting, Hermana Gardner from Colorado wasn’t feeling good, and when she talked to the nurse she found out she had gotten Dengue Fever.  The nurse asked if I would give her a blessing.  Wow, I sure was nervous as it was the 2nd blessing I have ever given in English.  In the blessing,  I sure tried hard to listen to what the Lord wanted me to say and bless her with, and I felt I should bless her that her body would receive peace and that she could sleep at night and that she could receive comfort that her family was protected by the Lord’s hands and that according to her faith she would be whole again.  When the blessing ended I was praying that those blessing could come to pass.  Dad, when you are called upon to give blessings,  how do you prepare for the blessing and how do you feel or know what to say?

I sure love you all and hope you have the very best week.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  They bless us and our investigadores every day.  

Love your son,

Elder Matheson

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