Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Huge Miracle

Dear Mom and Dad, Family and Friends,

This day we went to the dentist for my companion and picked up a package from his dad.  I found out too that he has an uncle living in Springville, Utah.  I sure want to get his address and send it to you. Sorry this email will  be shorter;  today has been an amazing p-day full of blessings but a very fast one.

As for this week, my companion’s foot is doing so much better, and we are walking a lot faster.  He still is using crutches, but he is feeling much better.  Thank you for the prayers.

I guess one huge miracle this week was that Familia Cholima came to church.  Here sacrament is the last hour to accommodate two wards at the same time, and my companion and I both where sad when all of our investigators couldn’t make it.  But right before sacrament meeting, Familia Cholima came.  In short, when we started teaching them we didn't think they were going to progress, but the Lord works miracles and in our last lesson when we asked when we could return, Hno. Cholima said next week can you pass by at least 3 times a week, and his wife said we brought a special spirit to their home.  What a blessing!!

This week in my studies it has been incredible to read the Book of Mormon and Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard.  Those books you sent me with are amazing.  But the things I learned this week is how in the Bible many profetas saw the great apostasy and that we really need a restauracion through the Profeta Joseph Smith.  I know Heavenly Father lives and He loves us so so much.  When I have gotten discourage or made mistakes, and I pray and ask him for help,  every time I feel so much love and never a harsh chastising voice or feeling in my heart but rather a divine parently love that is indescribable..  Truly we are children of God and He is our loving Heavenly Father.

Also mom could you let Braden know that I am cheering him on, and I know he will be one of the best missionaries because he is so humble, obedient, and has a powerful testimony that will bless so many lives and I totally want his email to write him.

I love you all so much!

Your son and brother and friend,

Elder Matheson

​Zona Cañoto.  Also this next week we have transfers but I hope and pray I get to stay and work with my companion.

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