Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Dear Mom and Dad (Family & Friends)!  

Thank you for your advice, it sure helps me each week.  I am so glad to hear to that Sarah is getting better too and Jalise had a baby.  So many miracles happen every week it is amazing!

This week, I had an interview with President Rodrigues, and he gave me the counsel to pray fervently in the mornings and evenings and make prayer on my top priorities.  It was amazing to the see the difference.  I tried pleading for the Lord’s strength, and he helped and filled me with his love and spirit when I needed help.  Also, he gave me the great idea if I get bored to sing with my companion.  We sure love singing and I teaching how to sing in tune.  My companion never has had musical instruction, but he has learned so much from youtube and now we are practicing together!

One big answer to prayer was with Familia Coya and Familia Gracia.  We found these two new families this past week and we taught them and learned that they both had lost loved ones within the past year or two.  They asked us where are they.  We taught them about the plan of Salvacion and how families are forever and this brought joy to their eyes.

The next day, I started with a prayer pleading for help to understand more where their loved ones are at, and it was amazing to learn how important missionary work is.  From Doctrine and Covenants 138, the Book of Mormon and True to the Faith it was amazing to learn that those who are baptized but do not keep their covenants, those who reject the gospel, and those who never received the gospel are in spirit prison.  As missionaries and members, it is our job to strengthen members who are struggling to keep their covenants with God and also to teach and share the gospel with everyone so that they can be baptized and receive these covenants to return to our Heavenly Father and so that they can do the work for their ancestors and loved ones in the temple.

How important the temple is.  Thank you for all your prayers and temple service.  They are blessing our investigadores and many investigadores in Heaven with the Ordinances of salvation.

I love you all!

Elder Matheson

Here is the English Translation of a song for Michael and Mom.

Today we want you to be happy (very happy)
and have this happiness enter your heart.

That you hear the echo of our happiness for you all the way to the Pirai. (a big river in Bolivia like the Mississippi)

Today we are going to give you (like always)
our heart  (como yescas means people who are broke and don’´t have any money, but for me it means that I don’t have anything material to give you for a gift although I would love to give you a big saltaña and hug and much more, but I will give that which I have which is the love from our heart for such an amazing brother and example and such a special heavenly mother.)
And we are going to give you this love in this song.

Happiness, Happiness, Happiness in your heart!

We give you in song that we hope you cumplir or have a happy birthday, that you have a happy birthday and that you have a haaappyyy birrthday!

I love you Mom and Michael! Happy Birthday!

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  1. A VIDEO?!?! That's the best birthday present EVER!!! So awesome!!